Wrong Side of the River (CD) | SOLD OUT!

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Pay The Devil | Wrong Side of the River

It took almost three years but we finally released our debut album, Wrong Side of the Riverand we are happy to share it with you. The only place to buy a physical copy is right here on our website. Still on the fence? Here is what Tyler Maas, of said about it.

Fast-picking banjo (…) and guff vocals heap references to nautical life (“Mutinous”), boozing (“Drink Up All The Liquor”), smoking (“Smoke Em If You Got Em”), and general debauchery (“Wrong Side Of The River”) that, when combined with admirable musicianship both vocally (the acapella chant “Sally Brown”) and instrumentally (best expressed in the downright rowdy “North Avenue Free For All”), translate into a 42-minute romp that’s a functionally folky nod to a bygone era of music and just rough enough around the edges to take Pay The Devil to new, absolutely enjoyable places.

We know you’ll love this album so buy it and support us today. If you’re in Milwaukee we can set up delivery, mention that in the PayPal notes. Quantities of the physical album are limited, so if you want one, order one quick.