Pay The Devil A Milwaukee Bluegrass Stringband

We’re happy to share our new song “Tallest Tale” with you. It is actually one of the first songs we wrote and performed as a band, it just never made it onto an album. It is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, Pandora, and just about everywhere else.

"High energy bluegrass that's worth your time!!!!"

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We love to play shows. We will probably play for cheaper than you think. Grand opening of a distillery? Celebrating a strange holiday? Getting drunk in a corn field? We're your band.

We can play up to a three hour set. We own our own PA system and can set up anywhere with a power outlet. We are also able and happy to play completely unamplified if the situation calls for it (like drinking in a corn field). Send an email to if you want to talk about booking us for a show.

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"Pay The Devil has somehow convinced me to like bluegrass.....YOU SHOULD TOO."